We had to make a video and attempt to make it interactive. Our objective was to make it as entertaining as possible, but when I started watching the video, it was pretty boring, if I might say; therefore I tried to change some things to make it better. I added music and sound effects. It does not really change the content, but makes it more interesting. Some things could have done better, like if I would have had more time, I would have personally hand animated the whole video, but we were working in a group, so it was not really an option. The information is not fully accurate, so maybe double check on what we say. Smoother transitions and audience check. We know who our audience is, the class, so maybe we should just focus on that group instead of the whole population. In terms of Mathematics, I learned the concepts and how to apply them. The differences between an histogram and a bar graph were some things I did not know. I think this was a great experiment, and with more time I can do much more better.
11/13/2013 04:25:12

The video that you created was very nice, it was creative and easy to follow. Also it is easy to follow the video visually. However, I think you should add more written explanation in some places.

Mr Murphy
11/18/2013 12:48:19

Do you think you would remember more by doing this? Do you think the time it takes to create such content is detrimental in any way?

How could we do this again but involve everyone in the video edit, because as i understand it - you did most of the work here?


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